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Earth Energy Vibrational Wraps by VibesUP


VibesUP Earth Vibrational Wraps have been found to relieve some pain issues by wrapping these stretchy and breathable products for knees, back and neck while relaxing at home or under your clothing while on the go.  These incredible wraps transfer energy...delivering the healthy vibrations of essential plant oils, therapeutic gemstones and liquid quartz crystal in a powerful and deep nurturing delivery beneficial to body, mind and soul. These Vibrational Wraps are made in easy to use products for your comfort and natural pain relief.  Discover the therapeutic qualities of crystals, multi-gemstones and essential oils in the VibesUP Earth Energy Vibrationals.   Made in USA

Back Wrap: Small/Medium 38", Medium/Large 51" (6"x 6" insert)

Knee Wrap:  Small 17", Medium 21" (9"x4" insert)

Neck Wrap:  One size 26" (20" Vibrational Insert)

Care:  Wash by hand with gentle soap and water when needed.  Crystals and Gemstones used in these products do not need to recharge in sunlight or moonlight. 

Warning:  Do not heat in microwave, however, use with heating pad is acceptable.

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