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Harbor Luxury Bedding is pleased to offer fine linens from these outstanding companies…

Sposh Luxury Sheets: Brushed Microfiber Sposh Linens, peachy soft high quality brushed microfiber spa linens are now for home, too, and offer performance, design and luscious feel that gets better with every laundering.  Plus you can feel good about using eco-friendly Sposh Linens because each wash uses less water and energy than traditional bedding.  Sposh.....great style, exceptional comfort and luxurious elegance at affordable prices...you will love these soft and silky high performance linens!!!

Soft Wear Plus Microfiber Sheets by Harbor Linen This wrinkle-resistant, soft, and cozy microfiber quick drying sheet collection has been designed specifically to withstand the demands of institutional processing while staying white and crisp. The Soft Wear Plus Collection is extremely durable, outlasting most traditional sheeting 2 to 1. Using less water in washing, and drying in less time, this collection is economically and environmentally friendly. See why this is a hotel and a cruise line favorite, and in high demand for those who have tried them! 

BedVoyage's 100% Rayon Bamboo Bedding. A great day begins with a good night's sleep, and the blissful luxury of BedVoyage 100% Rayon from Bamboo sheets can help you achieve just that. Our exceptionally soft and soothing fabrics adjust to your body's temperature throughout the night, helping you to sleep better and wake refreshed.  Our bamboo sheet fibers are woven so round and fine that they feel sumptuous to the touch, and with a drape that is so comforting, customers say it’s like being hugged! 

Cozy Earth’s 100% bamboo sheets are woven from the softest and smoothest bamboo fiber available and are derived from hand-selected bamboo responsibly farmed and harvested.  These signature bamboo organic sheets breathe keeping the skin dry and comfortable even on warm and humid nights. Cozy Earth has designed all of their fabrics to wick moisture away from the body for a more comfortable and restful sleep. Bamboo bedding is perfect for people with irregular body temperatures as the fabric minimizes the discomfort caused by hot flashes and night sweats.  With these fine sheets you will enjoy that silky soft feeling plus you can sleep restfully and “Stay Cozy”!  HLB carries Cozy Earth's crib bedding as well.

Naturesoft by Organics n' More is a GOTS certified producer of organic bedding and mainly manufactures bedding, blankets and towels for their organic customers.   If you are shopping for a PURE SUPERIOR ORGANIC linens HLB has the sheets and blankets for you! Naturesoft is a one stop bedding solution for customers in search of 100% GOTS certified cotton.  Serving their customers for more than 20 years Naturesoft & Organics n' More are renowned for their quality and reliability.  Naturesoft provides customers with a most revitalizing and cozy sleep in natural and pure organic sheets and bedding. 

IN THE SPOTLIGHT is our category for all the things we love!! 

Find our HLB New Zealand Organic Wool Dryer Balls which are perfect eco-friendly non-toxic fabric softeners for our sheet sets and work wonders with our luxury linens, and they last for 100+ dryer loads. Handmade in Nepal by local women who are able to support their families by making our dryer balls in a healthy and positive environment.

Luxury Therapeutics make wonderfully luxurious Hot/Cold Therapy packs perfect for all those achies....neck, shoulders or back pain.  These beautiful Hot Cold Therapy wraps can be heated in the microwave or chilled in freezer for all natural pain and stress relief. Constructed with a channeled, cotton muslin inner pack, filled with grains and lavender. Removable, washable cover.

Sposh Robes just may be your new favorites!  The Microfiber Robes are light and airy giving you silky soft comfort, and the Chelour Robes are super warm and soft...perfect for these frigid winter days and nights.

Boca Terry Robes Meet your new favorite silky soft robe...no spa or pool outing is complete without the casual but elegant microfiber bathrobe, featuring luxurious French terry knit lining and roll-up collar and cuffs.

ALL THINGS SPA is the latest category for professional spa linens for the massage therapy room. Mix and match Sposh Linens for style, comfort and elegance. Peachy soft and breathable these microfiber spa sheets and blankets will keep your clients cool, comfortable and dry.

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