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My fascination with sheets and bedding began long ago when no one was familiar with “thread counts”. In the past I am sure many have noticed that all sheets are not alike, and we all have a favorite set of sheets that are not just yummy, but more yummy than all of your others combined.

Studies indicate that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed sleeping (or hopefully sleeping), and we should have the best bedding to attain the most refreshing sleep each night. Many people do not sleep well due to extrinsic factors including diseases that rob one of the ability to rest and repair the body. I am one of those folks that for me sleep is a precious commodity as I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 19 years ago and had spent many years of sleeping only a few hours per night at best.

It is important to me to accumulate a number of products that I have found to be beneficial to me (and hopefully for you) and will be adding products that are among my favorites to help everyone enjoy the best of luxury bedding and comfort.  Recently added Luxury Therapeutics Hot/Cold Wraps are wonderful for muscle pain and tension and are beautifully made in the USA. For my Fibromyalgia pain I use them every day for neck, shoulder and back discomfort...Luxury Therapeutics Wraps are the best hot/cold packs I have ever owned and rate an AAA+++ in natural pain relief for me!  I often heat the Spa Wrap and place on my neck at bedtime which helps to relax tense muscles while you prepare for a good night's sleep in our incredibly soft and comfortable sheet sets!

More to come.....stay tuned!

Here’s to your best sleep ever,


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