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Earth Energy Vibrational Therapy Mat by VibesUP


VibesUP Earth Vibrational Therapy Mats have been found to relieve various  pain issues while sleeping, driving your car, watching tv or while relaxing on your patio in the evenings. Many use our Vibrational Mats under the bed sheets and report getting a great night's sleep that continues to improve. These incredible mats transfer energy...delivering the healthy vibrations of essential plant oils, therapeutic gemstones and liquid quartz crystal in a powerful and deep nurturing delivery beneficial to body, mind and soul. These Vibrational Therapy Mats are made in an easy to use product for your comfort and natural pain relief.  Discover the therapeutic qualities of crystals, multi-gemstones and essential oils in the VibesUP Earth Energy Vibrationals.   Made in USA

Sizes:  Medium 16" x 11"  Great for your favorite chair or sofa.   

            Large  24"x 16" Perfect for sleeping!

Care:  Wash by hand with gentle soap and water.  No need to recharge in sunlight or moonlight.

**We have used these wonderful mats and have found pain relief, and sleeping so well that we look forward to sleeping every night!  Our personal review is these mats are great!!

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