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Tourance Baby Blanket Rosebud & Channel


There is a reason why the Tourance Baby Blanket Collection creates a lot of oohs and ahhs at baby showers everywhere.  A Tourance Baby Blanket is the best baby gift that you can buy!! These blankets are silky soft with a heavenly texture and feel like resting in a bed of flower petals, luscious down and cottony clouds all in one!!  Tourance Baby Blankets are a must have for your baby or toddler and come in various sizes for the crib, the stroller and the toddler.  Made in the USA

Colors:  Blue, Light Pink, Chocolate, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Lavender, Sage, Ivory, Duotone Cream-Chocolate, Duotone Cream-Sahara, Duotone Silver-Charcoal

Sizes:  Stroller 18"x 24", Crib 30"x 30", Toddler 30"x 45"

Material:  Polyester

Proudly Made in the USA


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