Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary benefits of Comphy bed sheets?

Our linens feel like 600 thread count cotton and will feel that way for the life of the product. Breathable microfiber is hypoallergenic and wicks moisture away from the body, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep. Our linens are treated for stain release. Our sheets are lighter than a standard cotton sheet, thus they will dry faster. Comphy linens have an extra-fine weave which helps protect against dust mite allergens and bed bugs.


What makes Comphy linens 'green', or eco-friendly?

Comphy linens use less energy than any alternative. They're lighter than cotton, therefore they dry faster, they're 100% recyclable and they last 2-3 times longer than a standard cotton sheet (replacing your sheets less frequently significantly adds to sustainability). Plus, Comphy linens are wrinkle free. You'll use less energy from pressing equipment.


What is performance fabric?

A fabric that provides functional benefits to the consumer, such as moisture management, anti-microbial, and allergen protection.


What is the thread count?

Silks and engineered fabrics do not use thread count as a measure. Thread count is a tool developed by the cotton industry to help consumers evaluate sheets. Linen industry leaders, government agencies and retailers are recommending abandoning thread count and instead suggesting we should judge sheets by how they feel.


Do Comphy sheets really help you sleep better?

We engaged a research firm to study the sleep habits and patterns of test participants, and results show people sleep two hours longer, fall asleep faster and wake up less frequently when sleeping on our sheets.


Will I sweat?

No. Poly-microfiber is the fabric of choice for athletic teams and outdoor wear companies such as Patagonia.


Does it breathe?

Yes. Comphy Sheets and other performance fabrics are woven in such a way to allow air to move freely through it.


What type of detergent should be used to get rid of stains?

The sheets are pre-treated to release stains, however if there is a stubborn stain then we recommend Spray 'n Wash or Shout.


What is the filling in the quilted blanket?

This too is a microfiber, insuring durability and is non-allergenic.


Can I buy extra pillow cases?

Yes. We offer additional pillow cases in Standard (20.5" x 30"), Queen (20.5" x 32"), and King (20.5" x 40") sizes. Pillow cases are sold in sets of 2.


What sizes are available?

Standard (Eastern) King, California King, Queen, Full, Standard Twin and Twin Extra-Long sizes are all available.


Is there a Comphy Co. Warranty?

Each sheet is guaranteed for up to 2 years against product defect provided the sheets are laundered in accordance with Comphy Company’s  recommended laundry instructions and are used for the manner intended, the Comfy Co. will, at their option, repair or replace any sheet that fails to be serviceable for 300 washes. If Comphy Co.  replaces the sheet, we will pro-rate the actual service (washes) life compared to 300 washes (for operational use, or 3 years for retail use). For example, if the sheet becomes unserviceable at 150 washes (or for retail 18 months), and we elect to replace the sheet, we will issue a credit, but not a cash refund, equal to 50% of the purchase price.


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